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Should I Get The Garage Door Inspected When I Move Into A New House?

Moving into another house comes with a lot of challenges! Not only are your next-door neighbor’s strangers, but you also have to learn your way around a different neighborhood. But the most important thing is to ensure your safety in a place you’ve never lived before. An excellent place to start would be to look at the garage door. After all, it’s the first line of security against unwelcome guests. This blog post discusses the importance of garage door inspection when moving into a new house.

What does garage door inspection entail?

A professional garage inspector will usually conduct a garage door assessment. It is a physical examination of all the parts of the garage door and its related mechanisms. The evaluation is performed to look for any worn-out parts, loose components, or anything that might cause a malfunction in the future. An adequately inspected garage door will ensure safety from injuries as well as damage to your vehicle(s) parked inside it. Typically, a specialist will have the following on their to-do list:

-Check for loose hardware

-Verify the proper installation of all parts and components

-Ensure there are no broken or cracked panels, bent tracks, or other damage to any part of the door.

-Ensure the door is working fine.

-Test the garage door opener system

-Check for signs of corrosion.

After completing the home inspection checklist, the home inspectors will provide a detailed report on all findings and offer suggestions to ensure your new home is safe from burglars or other threats.

What should be the next step after the garage inspection?

After an extensive examination, if you find any worn-out parts in your existing garage door system, you should immediately change them to avoid further safety issues. This is because worn-out parts will likely affect other components and eventually the whole system as well! If no significant problems are found during the inspection, consider scheduling regular maintenance services with a local service provider for another checkup every six months.

Why should I get a garage door inspection?

Adequately inspected garage doors will reveal a lot about the state of your home’s security and other factors. The process will help you:

Determine any repair needs

The garage door inspector will write a report of their findings after the inspection. This will typically list out any repairs or replacements that might be required to ensure you have a smooth-functioning garage door. It will also give you an insight into the present state of your home’s security and help avoid any future safety issues!

Be aware of possible dangers in your house

There are several safety risks associated with malfunctioning garage doors, such as: 

-The door might come down too fast, which can cause damage to your vehicle(s).

-If the garage is used as a work area for hobbies or sports equipment, there are high chances that an individual can get injured by a faulty system.

All these risks will be revealed when they inspect your door, giving you a chance to avoid them and keep your family and property safe.

Know your garage door opener shelf life

Garage doors are a significant part of any home that gets used the most. The inspection report from your home inspectors will give you an estimate on when you need certain components in your door system replaced to ensure it functions properly. It will also be vital in extending its life expectancy as much as possible! This means it will be subject to regular wear and tear throughout its lifetime, affecting how well it performs.

Guarantee your home’s security

Garage door inspection will also reveal any security loopholes that might exist in your home. This will give you a chance to rectify the issues and keep burglars at bay! You can go to sleep at night rest assured that you won’t wake up to any cases of vandalism or theft of your property.

How do I prepare for a garage door inspection?

When you call up your local service provider for a garage door inspection, it is crucial to ensure that the area around your garage doors is accessible and safe to perform the job. Be sure to clear out any clutter or other obstructions from the floor, walls, and roof that might be blocking the way. You should also move all vehicles parked inside and ensure that children and pets stay away from the area during this time.

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How much does garage doors inspection cost?

The cost for inspection varies depending on the size of your garage doors and the extent of the damage. 

What are common problems found after an inspection?

Some of the most common issues that we find during an inspection include:

-Broken springs and cables. These can pose a safety risk to you and your property, so they must be fixed as soon as possible.

-Faulty sensors or other hardware components. If these fail, the door might not function properly in certain situations, such as an obstruction.

Is garage door inspection worth my time and money?

Yes!  The inspection will highlight all the problems with your garage door system and give you a heads-up on when to replace certain parts. Staying ahead of such issues can help you save money in the future through high repair costs.

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Should I Get The Garage Door Inspected When I Move Into A New House?

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