Can I Reprogram My Garage Door Remote?

The garage door opener remote is an essential feature of your garage door. It is what allows keyless entry into the home and keeps unauthorized individuals out. If you are moving into a new home or getting a garage door replacement, you will likely need to reprogram your garage door remote in order to change the old security settings. This guide will explain to you how to reprogram your garage door remote.

What does a garage door remote do?

A garage door remote is a small device that attaches to your car’s keychain and can be used to open or close the garage door. It has two buttons, one for opening the door and another for closing it. When pressed, this button sends an infrared signal from the front of your house to activate a receiver. This sits near where the shaft comes out of the garage door.

When should I reprogram my garage door remote?

Various scenarios will prompt a homeowner to reprogram their garage door opener. Some of these include:

When you are moving to a new house

You should reprogram your remote if you are moving into a new home and need to change the security settings on the existing equipment. Experts recommend doing so when buying or selling a house because it can be a security loophole that allows strangers to access your home.

When you need to change the batteries

If your handheld remote control is not working correctly, it could be because of a dead or dying battery. The easiest way to fix this problem is by reprogramming the garage door equipment so that the code will use different frequencies for sending signals back and forth.

When you lose one of your remotes

Although not as common, sometimes homeowners lose their garage door remote controls. If you have lost one of your two main remotes and the other is still attached to the keychain on your car, do not worry since you can reprogram the other remote for both to use different frequencies.

When you upgrade your home security system

If you are changing your security system or have upgraded to a new one, the garage door openers frequency will likely need to be changed. This process involves reprogramming both transmitters to use different frequencies for sending signals back and forth between them.

How to reprogram a garage door opener remote

Reprogramming your garage door opener remote controls is a relatively straightforward process. Just follow the steps below:

-First, you need to find your current remotes and pull them off of the keychain. There should be two small pieces shaped like bullets about half an inch long with buttons on one end. One remote button is marked “Open,” and the other “Close.” The remotes will likely have a small green light on them that blinks when the door opens or closes.

-Second, you need to check your garage door equipment near where the shaft comes out of the garage door. This is typically located in an electrical box where the opener motor sits and should be attached to your garage door opener unit.

-Third, you need to remove the batteries from both remote controls and press the buttons on each remote one at a time until that green light blinks. You should then recheck your garage equipment by examining if it is blinking when using just one of your remotes. If not, try pressing both buttons together until you see both garage door opener lights on your remotes and equipment blink.

-Fourth, now that all three devices are blinking at the same time when using one of your garage door opener remotes, it is time to reprogram them, so they use different frequencies to send. Simultaneously press both buttons on your garage door opener equipment until the light on it blinks three times.

-Fifth, take one of your remotes and press the “Open” button until you hear a beep or see a flashing green light. Repeat this step for your other remote, so both have been programmed with different frequencies to access your home’s garage door.

A garage door professional can also help you with this task!

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Can you reprogram a garage door opener to a different frequency?

Yes, the process is relatively simple. You need to check if your garage door equipment blinks when using one of your remotes – then program both buttons on the remote until they blink at the same time as well. Finally, you will want to reprogram each remote with different frequencies so that both work independently when accessing your garage door.

Are there different frequencies for garage doors?

Yes, the most common frequency used to open your garage door will be 390 MHZ, but some can also use 300 or 310 MHz. If you are unsure what type of security system and equipment you have, it’s best to call your garage door specialist for more information!